The Future of Clean Has Arrived!

Those of you who watched my Grove Unboxing video know that I was a bit disappointed with the plastic packaging involved in their low-waste all purpose cleaner. Luckily, we are not stuck with “minimal plastic waste” – there is an alternative!

Shark Tank viewers may remember Blueland from the season 11 premiere episode. I am happy to report that the business is already up and running, and for $38, you can make an investment in “the future of clean.” My shipment arrived just in time for me to clean the entire house from top to bottom, in anticipation of Rose’s visit this weekend! So let’s take a look:


Great box, feels like an “event” already!
Oooh, intriguing!
No plastic packaging, and everything neatly in its place. Mama like.

The spray bottles appear to be high quality acrylic, which was surprising. I figured they would be glass. Since they are meant to be “forever bottles” I have decided to forgive this. Acrylic seems slightly less scary, as I don’t want to knock over a glass bottle on a tile bathroom floor, and then my expensive bottle is destroyed and can’t be recycled. The foaming soap dispenser is glass and heavy!

The cleaner is in those paper packets, one tablet for each bottle. Cleverly, they made the foaming soap tablet too big to fit in the spray bottles, so you don’t get them mixed up. *cough*I tried to cram it in there*cough*

Have fun watching the little tablets effervesce and dissolve.

When you’re done, you have just a few wrappers left over (and a big ass box, but that is a one time situation)!

So much better than four plastic bottles!

Refills are available on their site in packs of 3, 6, or 9 and get less expensive per unit as you go up in quantity. Since they are so small and have a long shelf life, I don’t see why you wouldn’t buy a bunch of 9 packs and just have them when you need them.

So how do they work? Pretty well! The foaming hand soap foams just like other products, smells good, hands feel clean. The glass cleaner left my bathroom mirror sparking. All-purpose and bathroom surface cleaners did their jobs.

One note, the main ingredient in all of the cleaners is citric acid. So I will not be able to use it on my marble counters. According to Bob Villa, plain old dish soap and water works best on those, so that is still my plan as of now!

All things considered, I give this product an A+. I love the commitment to low waste, the attractive packaging, the ease of use, low price for refills, and the fact that it’s just a one-for-one replacement for what I have been using. Recommendation: Order your starter kit today, and get your clean on!

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