Plastic Free is the Way to Be

Remember that time I told you about my life altering experience, thanks to an ad on Instagram? That little sea turtle did more than convince me to ditch my makeup wipes. It touched off a complete lifestyle change, motivating me to rid my life of all single use plastic and reduce waste as much as possible. The day before I was happily purchasing bottles of body wash and laundry detergent, and then I suddenly woke up and felt like Neo in the Matrix when he looks down that hallway and sees everything in binary code. Suddenly every aisle in Trader Joe’s was glistening with the sheen of plastic bags, and it made me sick.


So I left Trader Joe’s empty handed and started doing research. At first I thought it would be easy. Swap body wash for bar soap, buy laundry tablets instead of jug of detergent. Done. But the further down the rabbit hole I went, the clearer it became that our society has a problem, and it runs deep. We wrap everything in plastic. I bought a pair of shoes in a cardboard box, and when I opened it up there was a random plastic bag floating around in the space, achieving nothing except its ultimate destiny as food for a poor innocent pelican.

As it has been drilled into me since childhood, I have been a dedicated recycler, priding myself on sorting my garbage, rinsing my containers, and being a responsible Earth citizen. But now, when the planet needs it most, recycling basically doesn’t exist. There have been reports for months that China is turning away our recyclable goods, and some cities are throwing their hands up and forfeiting recycling altogether since it’s all going in the dump anyway.


Enter the zero waste movement. Now that I am seeing plastic everywhere I look, the logical step is to start looking for alternatives that are low or no waste. I will be reviewing the products I try out on this blog, in the hopes that you come along with me on this journey to save ourselves from ourselves. If you have zero waste recommendations, please share them in the comments! We are all in this together, after all.


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