What We Did at Our Royal Wedding Party

The build up, media hype, preparations, last minute changes, and family drama all lead up to this big day: Rose & Feld’s Royal Wedding Party. Rose tends to dwell on every tiny detail and wants nothing left to chance. Feld has an ever-so-slightly more laid back approach, which might balance out some of Rose’s more obsessive behavior. We like to think that this makes us a perfect pair to host events.

With about 4 hours until guests arrived, we found ourselves in a holding pattern – we had decorated and prepped everything we could, but it was too soon to start trimming crusts off a million finger sandwiches. If you think we’d just spend the time relaxing and sipping Elderflower Lemonade, then you don’t know us as well as you think you do. If you thought we’d go shopping for craft supplies and start making Royal Wedding style hats, then you know us EXACTLY as well as you think you do.


Once our heads were properly adorned (phew, that was close!), we focused our attention back on the food. Feld and I wanted the menu to be suitably British, with a perfect mix of savory and sweet dishes. If you missed our post on the subject, we’ll give you a moment to catch up. The secret to finger sandwiches is to wait until the last minute to cut them up – otherwise the edges get stale incredibly fast. Then we stacked our smorgasbord on all of our fanciest dishes and three-tiered trays and immediately fretted that we hadn’t done enough. SPOILER: It was more than enough food, and Rose’s family will be eating Coronation Chicken sandwiches for weeks.

Rose’s oldest son accompanied the guests’ arrival with Beethoven on the piano, while her younger son announced each Lady with her name and Royal Title with all the panache of Vanna White bestowing a new car on one lucky winner.

Finally, it was time for the main event. We cooed over Harry, debated Meghan’s dress, and when Bishop Curry got a little long-winded, we played a rousing round of Royal Bingo. Judging by some of the audience reactions, we think our game would have been a welcome diversion in the chapel too. The Bingo winners took home British-themed prizes, but no one left empty handed. Feld and I had (of course) made tea cup candle party favors for each guest. After all, you can’t go to England and leave without a souvenir, now can you?

No party is complete without a surprise guest visit (what, you didn’t know that?) – and our guest was none other than Harry himself. He charmed and delighted guests, graciously posing for selfies with all of us. How kind of him to leave Meghan at home, so we could have him all to ourselves!

All in all, the months of build up paid off. It was a splendid evening, and we can’t wait to do it all again when Prince George gets married! (no pressure, Georgie)

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