Rose’s “From Scratch” Lamp

Finding the perfect lamp is hard. We need them, but usually they are either functional or aesthetically pleasing, rarely both. Look at the lamp nearest to you. Is it off more than it’s on? If you answered yes, your lamp better be cute. After all, what else does it have to do all day?

While antiquing over the weekend, I stumbled upon this old balustrade with chippy blue paint. My heart skipped a beat! This was the piece I had been waiting for! My dreams of finally making my perfectly functional AND stylish lamp was inching closer!

We took it home and immediately got to work. Good old Mr. Rose happened to have a drill bit the right size to drill a hole straight down the center of the balustrade. Next he hammered in the metal lamp piece that the wire goes through and chiseled a small channel for the wire to sit in at the base of the lamp.

And there you have it! Hard part is done. Now put the old white lampshade on, sit back and admire, right? Wrong. I immediately hated the shade.

It was too stark and plain, and didn’t do my character piece justice. Luckily, I knew exactly how to fix this. Enter chalk paint, metallic paint pens, and 5 hours of kid free time (2 hours for painting and 3 more for kids running in and out and complaining that they’re hungry).

Pure White Annie Sloan chalk paint isn’t actually pure white – don’t believe her lies! For this project, it’s the perfect creamy color. The shade is made from a linen fabric, which  works for painting with straight chalk paint, you don’t have to add a thing.

Next, I drew on my design. First with a pencil, then I went over it with the metallic paint markers. I did this free-hand, but you could easily use a stencil or even a stamp.

finsihed lamp
So with a few hours of work and a lucky flea market find, I finally have a lamp that is just like me: functional and fabulous!

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