What A Mom Wants

Mother’s Day (the most dreaded of all holidays) is fast approaching, people. You have nine (count ’em!) days until you have to stand in front of your mother, grandmother, and / or mother of your children and bestow a gift upon them that sufficiently acknowledges the millions of hours of emotional and physical labor they have endured just to keep your body and soul together.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Ugh, do I HAVE to get her something? Can’t I make her a macaroni necklace? Or just, like, order some flowers? I’m busy and she doesn’t really care, right?” WRONG, FRIEND-O. This is your mom’s moment, and you WILL treat her the way she deserves to be treated.

Okay, relax, it’s not all on your shoulders. We have put together this helpful list of stuff your mom will actually appreciate, so you can look like a good and thoughtful child / grandchild / partner and make her happy on her special day.

Free Stuff

Some people reading this have no money. And that is okay, this is a no-judgement zone. It doesn’t mean you can’t do something nice for the mother in your life! Here are some things you can do to make her feel loved without spending a dime (feel free to layer these things on to any of the pricier gifts, as well!):

  • Make a card. You don’t have to spend $5 on a store-bought card with a generic sentiment. Get out the felt-tips and make her a card, write something from the heart, and she will treasure it.
  • Pick some flowers! It’s spring time, and flowers abound in nature. Pick some (preferably not out of someone’s yard unless you get permission), put them in a vase she already owns, and prop your homemade card against them.
  • Make her a meal – breakfast, lunch, dinner, doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out the food she already has on hand, and if you can’t figure out what to make, plug some ingredients into the All Recipes app. Pro-tip: clean up the mess afterwards.
  • Weed the yard – whether or not your mom likes to garden, NO ONE likes pulling weeds. Bonus points if you make the yard pretty, and then serve her meal out there.
  • Clean the house. Seriously, I would love someone to do this. Some caveats: don’t complain about it, don’t bug her with millions of questions about where her cleaning products are, and don’t half-ass it.
  • Wash her car, inside and out. Same caveats apply!
  • Spend time with her. Go do whatever she likes to do (antiquing? art gallery? nature walk?) and be nice to her all day.

$5-75 Range

If you have a budget to put towards making your mom happy, good for you! Just FYI, your mom likely doesn’t want anything that is non-functional and going to clutter up the house. Precious Moments and stuffed animals are in the “it’s the thought that counts” territory. Unless your mom has SPECIFICALLY asked for something physical, here are some ideas that she will actually appreciate:

  • Gift card to somewhere she frequents. I know some people think gift cards are impersonal, but trust us – it’s SO MUCH BETTER than something you will have to return or (heaven-forbid) CAN’T return. And any amount works, so long as it’s practical for the venue. $5 to Starbucks is great. $25 to Home Goods, awesome. $50 to her favorite restaurant, amazing! Just don’t waste your money on $5 to the local steak house – Mom doesn’t mind paying a little over the card amount, but sticking her with $5 off a $100 tab isn’t nice.
  • Pedicures. If you’re local, go with her (yes, even sons / husbands can go!). If not, find a nail salon near her, and call to see if they do gift cards. Usually they’ll be in the $30 range, and don’t forget the tip.
  • A S’well water bottle. Admittedly this may be very specific to Feld, but hear us out. It’s attractive, utilitarian, practical, and at $38 for the large capacity it’s something we’d never spend our own money on, but still a reasonable gift amount.

$100+ Range

For you fancy people who perhaps have more money than time, your lucky mother will love some of these gifts, curated by our resident Fancy Mother, Rose:

  • Massage at a day spa. Find a spa that includes a relaxation experience for the price of a massage, so she can spend as much time there as she likes.
  • Kate Spade Smart Watch. For the tech savvy mom who is also fashion conscious, Kate Spade is making smart watches that are actually attractive! And if your mom already has an Apple Watch that she loves, they also have adorable watch bands.
  • Designer hand bag or wallet. Is your mom enamored of a certain label or designer? Rose loves her Louis Vuittons, and can never have too many. Check out ebay for the best deals – why pay top dollar when you can get a gently used bag for a fraction of the cost?
  • Botox. This one might be controversial – if your mom has never had Botox, this might not be the right time to introduce the idea. But if it’s something she already does and likes, consider gifting her the next round.
  • Cleaning service. If you can’t or don’t want to do it yourself, consider finding a cleaner to do the dirty work!
  • Diamond earrings.Sounds extravagant, but there are deals to be found. Check out ebay, or even your local pawn shop!
  • Shopping Spree. This goes back to the gift card idea. If you want to throw money at this gifting dilemma, your mom might just prefer the cash (in the form of a Visa gift card) so she can indulge in a day of guiltless shopping.

If you’ve read through this list, and have thought, “My mom doesn’t want any of this crap, she is so special / unique / difficult to please!”, then we do have one final piece of advice. Just ask her! Call her up and say, “Mom, I love you so much, I want your day to be special. What can I do for you / send you / make you that you would really love?” And if she says, “Nothing darling, I have everything I need!” – don’t fall for it! It’s a trap! Just pick something off this list, and be done.

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