What to Wear to a Royal Wedding (Party)


In case you haven’t already heard about the event of the Millennium, we invite you to get your backstory here.

Now that you’re caught up, you should know that all previous scaling plans are completely off the table. With every new RSVP, I get more ants in my pants. And it’s not due to the minor infestation problem I have going on at my house. It’s because I love to throw parties, and every time someone clicks the “yes” button, I have another person to entertain and impress.

This week I have focused on attire. Obviously this is a dressy occasion for those who are actually attending the wedding, but since we weren’t technically invited (rude), we decided to have a little fun with the dress code. Our invitations call for formal pajamas and grandma’s pearls. Feld and I will, of course, be coordinating our jammies, and adding matching crown patches on our pockets.

But if we stopped there, it would be way too pedestrian. So I have finally given in to my 11 year old’s requests for a tuxedo. (As an aside, what use does an 11 year old have for a tuxedo?! I think he plans on becoming a street performer after the party, and apparently that career is aided by a snappy wardobe). His royal duty will be to greet guests at the door and announce each lady’s name as she enters. Posh British accent is a work in progress.

And since no family member is safe, I have ordered a Price Harry mask and am bribing my lanky 15 year old to wear a Morning Jacket and pose for photo ops with the guests. What would the wedding be without a Harry?! NOTHING, THAT’S WHAT.

Now that attire is sorted, tune in later this week for official (okay, unofficial) Royal Wedding Party Activities!

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