Spring Fever: Puppies!!

It’s only natural that when spring arrives, the flowers bloom, the days get longer, and everywhere you look, animals are getting twitterpated. The highly suggestible Feld contracted puppy fever out of nowhere, and it became an acute condition when she started following dogs on Insta, and texting me the posts multiple times per day. As the older sister, it was my job to convince her that a puppy is a horrible idea.

Rose: “Put your Prada pumps down the garbage disposal, then tell me you still want a puppy.”

Feld: “I don’t actually own any Prada pumps…”

Rose: “JUST DO IT!”

Puppies are nothing but chew machines that pee on everything they see! I’ve never understood dog culture – yes, I have a dog and yes I love her, but I don’t consider her my “fur-baby” and I don’t have a bumper sticker that says “Who Rescued Who?” I wrote the check, I buy the food, it’s pretty clear to me who did the rescuing here.

The more we talked about it, the less I began to believe my own arguments. What’s more, I began to feel a little flushed. Was it the balmy Texas weather? Or was it… OH CRAP! I caught the Spring Fever: Puppy Edition! Before I knew what was happening, I was browsing animal shelters and trawling Craigslist for a sweet wet puppy nose to call my own. Prada pumps be damned!

One day, in the not-so-distant past, I was at a local flea market, and there she was. Our eyes met. My heart fluttered. My hands involuntarily reached out for the furry little body that would soon become My Greta. Suddenly the clouds parted and I knew this mini Schnauzer was my soul mate (sorry Mr. Rose)!

So if you need me for any reason, just look for the woman with the world’s sweetest puppy in a Fur Baby Bjorn, walking around Home Goods. And in case you’re wondering, she definitely rescued me.


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