A Royal Wedding Party for the Ages!

Dear Readers, we invite you to cast your minds back to November 27, 2017. Thanksgiving weekend was over, you were emerging from a tryptophan coma, and awoke to the joyous news that the whole world had been breathlessly waiting for – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were engaged!

The internet rejoiced! Insta was flooded with engagement photos! People actually began watching Suits on USA Network! And Rose placed an urgent phone call to Feld that went a little something like this:

Rose: “So, I’m thinking about hosting a Royal Wedding Party –”

Feld: “I’m in.”

Rose: “You’d fly out?”

Feld: “Rose, my whole life has been leading up to this moment.”

Rose: “Okay, but I’m feeling poor, so nothing crazy.”

Feld: “Oh no, we’ll definitely scale back. I’m booking a flight as we speak.”

Cut to two days later, Rose receives the first RSVP to her Facebook event…

Rose: “My heart is racing! I cannot scale! I was never meant to scale!”

And thus, the event of 2018 was born. Follow along for menus, decorations, party favor ideas, activities, style tips, and creepy paper masks of the Royal Family to host your own version of a wedding reception fit for a Princess!

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